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Slip and fall injuries occur when property owners are negligent about dangerous conditions on their property. If you’ve suffered an injury after a slip or fall in San Antonio, discuss your case with one of our attorneys. We can help you receive fair compensation for time away from work, medical bills, and other expenses.

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Attorney Daniel Willis has more than a decade of experience representing clients in all types of personal injury law, including slip and fall accidents.

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Questions to Consider After a Slip and Fall

Proving liability on the part of the property owner requires some proof of negligence. Consider the following questions:

  • Did the property owner leave something in a dangerous place without warning?
  • Did the property owner not maintain the property?
  • Did the property owner not recognize a dangerous area?
  • Was there poor lighting in the area?
  • Was a company policy not enforced?
  • Did employees have enough training?
  • Was there a preventable workplace injury?

To answer these questions, you may need the help of an attorney. These key pieces of evidence are crucial to handling the case. Usually, in the case of a slip and fall injury, one party is found to be negligent and the cause of the personal injury. Without proper evidence, the responsible party could just blame the accident on the clumsiness of the injured party.

Reasonable Cause

The term “reasonable” can determine the outcome of slip and fall cases. It is impossible for property owners to account for everything. For example, sometimes a container will spill in a grocery store, causing a customer to fall on his or her way down an aisle. If the spill has been there for an unreasonable period of time without being cleaned up, the fault lies with the property owner. If the item spilled only moments before a customer slipped and fell, this is probably not a reasonable period of time. Unfortunately, reasonable is a term that requires some judgment, and both sides may not agree on the definition in this circumstance.

Degrees of Negligence

Different states operate under different laws of negligence. Texas, along with 32 other states, follows the rule of modified comparative fault. Here’s a quick overview of the different degrees of negligence cases:

  • Pure Contributory Negligence. Pure Contributory Negligence states the damaged party cannot recover any damages if found to be 1% at fault. Only four states and the District of Columbia operate under this degree of negligence.
  • Pure Comparative Fault. Pure Comparative Fault states that the damaged party can recover damages even if they are 99% at fault. Damages will be reduced by the degree of fault, but a claim can still be made if the other party carries only 1% of the blame. 13 states operate under this interpretation of negligence.
  • Modified Comparative Fault. Modified Comparative Fault is also known as proportionate responsibility in Texas. This means that the damaged party cannot recover damages if they are 51% or more at fault. Texas and 32 other states follow modified comparative fault.

Why You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer

Determining where the fault lies in a slip and fall claim can mean the difference between receiving an insurance settlement or not. Assignment of fault can be a demanding process and experience in determining fault is invaluable in any personal injury case. Daniel Willis has a unique background in the world of insurance that allows him to understand the fine points of the law and make the strongest possible case.

If you are injured in a slip and fall, consult a personal injury lawyer right away. Daniel Willis has over ten years of experience with personal injury claims and is ready to help you fight for the compensation you deserve. Daniel handles each case himself, giving you the peace of mind you need to recover from your injuries. Contact D. Willis Law today for a free consultation and get on the road to recovery.