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As much as we love dogs, we know that sometimes dogs harm people. There are an estimated 4.5 million dog bites every year in the United States. In addition to bites, dogs can cause other injuries by chasing someone or knocking someone down. More than a third of the money paid out under homeowners’ insurance policies is paid out due to dog-related injury claims. Insurance companies paid almost $700 million in 2017 for dog bite claims.

Every dog owner owes a legal duty to prevent their dog from injuring others. Most of the time, a dog-related injury occurs because of the negligence of the dog owner. If you’ve experienced a personal injury due to a dog bite or a dog-related injury, contact D. Willis Law for a free consultation. We can explain your legal options after suffering a dog-related injury.

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What diseases can dog bites spread?

Dog bites can be very serious. Dog bites not only cause injuries to the skin, but they can also spread disease. About 20% of dog bites become infected with bacteria. Sometimes a dog may be a carrier of a disease or infection without showing any symptoms. This is why it is important to seek treatment immediately.  Below are some of the common diseases that can spread because of a dog bite:

  • Rabies – Rabies is transmissible to humans through a dog’s saliva. Rabies is a contagious and viral disease that has the highest mortality rate of any disease on earth, 99.9%.
  • Pasteurella – These bacteria cause an infection that may result in joint swelling, redness, and pain. It is seen in over 50% of infected dog bites.
  • MRSA – This is an infection that is resistant to some antibiotics. It can become serious if left untreated. The symptoms include lung, skin, and urinary tract infections.
  • Tetanus – This is a toxin that may produce paralysis if left untreated.
  • Capnocytophaga bacteria -This is a bacterium that may cause people with a weak immune system to become sick.

What do I do if a dog bites me?

If you are bitten by a dog, it is important to treat the bite immediately. The first thing to do is wash the wound with soap and water. Next, you should seek medical care with a doctor as soon as possible. If the doctor believes that a rabies infection is probable, the doctor will begin rabies treatment, which consists of several rabies vaccine shots over a series of about two weeks.  Even if the dog does not have rabies, there are many other bacterium and diseases that dog bites can spread.

Who is responsible for paying for my dog bite injury?

When a dog bites someone, the dog owner’s homeowner’s/renter’s insurance policy should pay for the victim’s damages. (In some cases, the property owner/landlord may also be responsible for the dog bite if the property owner/landlord knew the dog was dangerous and allowed the dog to be kept on the premises.) “Damages” is a legal term that includes past and future medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, mental anguish, etc. Because the typical homeowner’s policy limits are at least $100,000 per person/$300,000 per accident, there is usually enough insurance money to compensate most dog bite victims.

However, getting the insurance company to pay a fair amount can be difficult. Dealing with insurance adjusters can a challenge. The insurance company will attempt to pay a dog bite victim as little as possible. Insurance companies have legal departments dedicated to handling claims such as these. Since the insurance company has lawyers on their side, you should, too. Otherwise, you will be at a severe disadvantage in dealing with the insurance company. Having an attorney on your side will help even the playing field, allowing you to receive a fair settlement.

Why do I need a dog bite attorney?

Approximately 20% of dog bites require medical attention. As we know, medical treatment can be expensive. The average cost of hospitalization for a dog bite victim is $18,200. Those medical bills need to be paid. In order to get the insurance company to pay the victim’s medical bills, hiring an attorney may be necessary. A dog bite attorney can help the victim recover their past medical bills, pain and suffering due to the dog bite, lost wages, and even future medical treatment that may be necessary.

Dog bite statistics

Here are some dog bite statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

  • Over 36% of U.S. households own at least one dog.
  • 20% of dog bites require medical attention.
  • 18% of dog bites become infected with bacteria.
  • 72% of dog bite fatalities were caused by family dogs

Which breeds are responsible for the most dog bite deaths?

  • In 2017, there were 39 dog bite fatalities in the United States.
  • 51% of dog bite fatalities involved more than one dog.
  • 38% of dog bite fatalities involved 2 or 3 dogs.
  • 13% of dog bite fatalities involved a pack of 4 dogs or more.
  • 74% of dog bite fatalities involved pit bulls.
  • 69% of dog bite fatalities occurred on the dog owner’s own property.
  • 15% of dog bite fatalities involved rescued or re-homed dogs.
  • From 2005-2017, there were 433 dog bite fatalities in the U.S. Pit bulls and Rottweilers made up 76% of these deaths.

What groups of people die from dog bites most often?

The following dog bite statistics are from 2017, courtesy of DogsBite:

  • 62% of dog bite fatality victims were over 21.
  • 46% of dog bite fatality victims were 50 or older.
  • For adults 21 and over, 75% of fatality victims were female.
  • For children 8 years and younger, 73% of fatality victims were male.
  • For children 8 years and younger, 67% of fatality victims were under 2 years old.

Dog Bite Claim Statistics

Below are some statistics on dog-related injury claims from 2017, courtesy of CNBC:

  • There were 18,522 dog bite claims nationwide.
  • There were 929 dog bite claims in Texas.
  • California had the most dog bite claims, at 2,228.
  • The average insurance settlement for a dog-bite claim in the United States was $37,051.
  • The average settlement for a dog-bite claim in Texas was $35,562.
  • The total value of dog bite claims across the United States was $686.3 million.
  • The total value of dog bite claims in Texas was $33 million.

Texas Dog Bite Law

While some states have a specific law related to dog bites, Texas does not. A Texas dog bite case can be based on negligence or strict liability.

Negligent handling of animals

Texas follows the general “negligence” standard for most dog-related injury cases. Some people also call this the “one bite rule.” This means that a dog owner is not automatically responsible just because their dog bites someone. Instead, the dog-bite victim must prove the following:

  • The defendant owned or possessed the dog.
  • The defendant failed to exercise reasonable care to prevent the dog from injuring others.
  • The defendant’s negligence caused the victim’s injury.

Some examples of negligence from Texas caselaw include the dog owner not attempting to stop a dog attack after the attack had begun, leaving a dog tethered in the front yard (which an expert testified made the dog aggressive), and not keeping a dog under restraint at all times.

Negligence per se for dog bites

Even though the state of Texas does not have a leash law, many cities and municipalities do. If the dog owner violated a statute by not having their dog on a leash, the victim can allege that the violation of the statute (the leash law) caused the victim’s injury. In this case, the victim does not have to prove the dog owner was negligent; only that they violated the statute. This will make the victim’s case easier to prove.

Strict liability for dog bites

If the dog has bitten someone before or acted aggressively before, the victim does not have to prove the dog owner failed to exercise reasonable care or violated a statute. The dog owner is responsible for the dog bite simply because the dog bit someone. This is referred to as “strict liability.” In this situation, the victim must prove the following:

  • The defendant owned or possessed the dog.
  • The dog had bitten someone or had acted aggressively in the past;
  • The defendant knew or had reason to know of the dog’s previous conduct;
  • The dog caused the victim’s injury.

A dog owner has two primary defenses they can use if they are sued for strict liability. The first defense is that the owner had no reason to know the dog was aggressive or would bite someone. The second defense is that the dog bite victim was trespassing. These issues often become key in a dog bite lawsuit. Having an attorney on your side can help establish whether or not the dog had been aggressive or bitten someone in the past.

What damages can the victim recover in a dog-bite case?

In a dog bite case, a victim can recover for the following elements of damages:

  • Personal injury damages
    • Physical pain
    • Mental anguish
    • Disfigurement (i.e. scarring)
    • Physical impairment
    • Medical expenses
    • Loss of earning capacity
    • Loss of consortium
    • Loss of services
  • Exemplary damages (also known as punitive damages)
  • Pre and post-judgment interest
  • Court costs

What is the statute of limitations in Texas for a dog bite case?

The statute of limitations for a dog bite case is 2 years, which is the standard statute of limitations in Texas for a personal injury case. This means your lawsuit must be filed within 2 years of the date of injury or it is barred.

What are the defenses to a dog bite claim?

A dog owner has several defenses they may use if sued over a dog-related injury claim:

  • Limitations – The lawsuit was filed too late.
  • Trespass – The victim was trespassing.
  • Victim’s fault – The injury occurred because of the victim’s own actions.

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